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BreakAway Concepts (BA)

Not all situations can be defused or deescalated and despite your best efforts, there are situations that will lead to physical assault. Unlike many other courses TRISAT provides a conceptual approach and not a technical approach, to ensure that each concept is realistic and forms part of your instinct.

The breakaway and disengagement concept course, should be aimed at anyone who’s at potential risk of physical assault or confrontations while at work. Our concepts are multi-functional, instinctive but realistic in that they hone in on the other persons intent and if during work you face someone that is frustrated, irritated or aggressive this can be expressed physically in the form of minimum force grabs or holds.

The Aim of the course

The aim of this course is to provide accredited skills and concepts to breakaway, disengage and protect yourself in aggressive situations, where the situation has escalated past conflict resolution and they have been threatened or physically assaulted. Delegates will be able to:

“Disengage & breakaway from a physical confrontation without escalation to communicate more effectively whilst in a position of safety”

Course Accreditation

This course is going through accreditation with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) accreditation process. For 100 years, RoSPA has been changing both legislation and attitudes surrounding accidents. You can be assured through this accreditation that the course enables the exchanging of life-enhancing skills and knowledge to reduce serious accidental injuries.

The course contents

The course will be made up of tutor led discussions, demonstrations and scenario replication (role play) to emphasise the importance of avoidance and de-escalation as a primary directive. The content is as follows:

  • S.T.O.P emergency directive – strategically dealing with incident escalation
  • Means, Opportunity & Intent (MOI) dynamic risk assessment
  • The legal implications of the Criminal Law Act and Human Rights Act
  • The use of force ladder and most common attacks
  • Active Listening failures that lead to physical engagement
  • Dealing with Slaps
  • Dealing with Wrist grab
  • Dealing with Clothing Grabs
  • Dealing with Hair Pulls
  • Dealing with Shoulder Grabs
  • Dealing with Body Holds*
  • Dealing with Neck Grabs/Strangle*
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Modern situational awareness



developing situational awareness




“I enjoyed all of it, however i really enjoyed the MVS section and some of the Psychological aspects were the best. The course was well presented and it was great learning new skills”
Course Students
Jaguar, Business Protection
“TRISAT provides quality training on our behalf to our very important clients. The training and advice is second to none. They provide a confidential service under our corporate logo”
RISCAssociates Ltd
“Very professional approach with a motivational instruction manner. We enjoyed learning new skills to increase confidence within our job specific roles.”
M. James
Liberty Mutual via Finbarr Solutions
“The course was very good and has improved my instructional ability. I am looking forward to joining Tremaine in Bonn, Germany to present at the DT Information Security gathering.”
Cosmote – Greece
“The advanced course was very good and provided invaluable skills that we can use in our working environment. The instruction was exceptional”
Client Students
ARC Training
“How can you protect against a threat if you are unable to identify it? – TRISAT will guide and help you”.




  • +44 (0) 333 577 0899
  • Beacon Park Innovation Centre, Gorleston, Norfolk, NR31 7RA
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