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VizShock Personal Defence Torches are an everyday carry for anyone living in a place where you need extra security. Its multi-frequency red and blue pulse allows you to pause and deter your assailant. It provides you with time to assess a situation and to better react while attracting needed attention. The optional emergency siren further enhances this effect. The emergency siren can be activated by pulling on a pin which itself can be clipped onto a wrist strap, phone strap, purse or bag.


  • High Intensity White Beam
  • High Intensity Multi-Frequency Red and Blue Pulse Beam
  • Emergency Siren (X-20S & X-20P)
  • Portable Power Bank (X-20P)
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Ideal for late evening dog walkers, joggers or late workers.

Product Versatility

VizShock is an LED based deterrent device designed to induce aversion responses such as blinking, blocking, and other actions to remove oneself from the light source. The red and blue lights pulse at two overlapping frequencies, 12-15 Hz and 50-60 Hz, causing over stimulation in the sensory processing system. The human brain has a limited capacity by which it can receive and process visual information. Overloading the sensory processing system causes disorientation and induces automatic aversion responses. The effect of the discomfort fades a few minutes after removal from the strobe light source. Staring into high intensity light bleaches photoreceptors in the retina, causing black spots in the field of vision. VizShocks are safely categorised under either Risk Group 1 or 2 under EN62471.


Product Costs

The Vizshock Self Defence Torch can be purchased from our site direct by clicking the link below:

Vizshock X20 £80.00 IncVat

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Instructions Provided

Approved Product

100% Guarantee


“How can you protect against a threat if you are unable to identify it? – TRISAT will guide and help you”.




  • +44 (0) 333 577 0899
  • Beacon Park Innovation Centre, Gorleston, Norfolk, NR31 7RA
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