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Basic Access Control Course

InstructorT. Kent

The cost is £30.00

Access control, and in particular electronic access control, is a fundamental aspect of security, allowing access to those that are authorised and denying access to those that are not. Access control systems will form part of an overall security plan and must be relevant and adequate in their design and interaction.

Access control systems can be found everywhere in the modern world from high security buildings through to public car parks, both these examples strive for the same outcome, which is to control access by either allowing or restricting access. Electronic access control systems provide a convenient and efficient way in which to secure a building or asset whilst reducing costs in the long term. This course serves to introduce access control and systems from a basic perspective and to provide those that need to be aware of the usages and more importantly the benefits and weaknesses.

This course has been designed for every employee those who may have to understand the basics of access control or work within the security sector. The course focuses on the history of access control and the types, how access control systems work and lastly who designs and installs access control systems.

Individuals who will benefit from this course include security professionals wishing to enhance their professional development, those employed in the hospitality industry or in large-scale retail developments, static security, or Security Managers.

Course Features

  • Duration: 27 Mins
  • Skill Level: Basic
  • Language: English
  • Mobile Ready: Yes
  • Certification: TRISAT
  • Test or Exam: Yes
  • Module 1 – Welcome to the course
    In this module you will be introduced to Trisat terms and how to get the most from the course (PDF). Then you will be provided with a basic Introduction to the Basic Access Control video. The last part of this module is to establish what you already know, so that we can assess your learning objectives at the end of the course.

  • Module 2 – Basic Access Control
    This is the main module of the course providing the course content on the Basic Access Control procedures within most businesses. You will be provided with the following:

    1. The first part is the e-learning and by the end of this module delegates will be able to understand:
    – What access control is?
    – Which technologies are used in access control?
    – Why access control is important?
    – How to use access control technologies?
    2. A quiz that focusses on the main points of the course
    3. More Basic Access Control Resources for you
    4. A recap video on elements to be remembered

  • Module 3 – Before you go
    You will need to answer questions on the course material from a CPD perspective and then you will be able to rate the course and download your certificate.


T. Kent

About Instructor

Tremaine Kent has managed various aspects of security from high risk environments through to complicated technical projects, some of which was gained from a military and corporate perspective.

Tremaine has served with various specialist units within the military and has carried this experience through to Trisat.

Tremaine is a member of the Security Institute and holds a BSc in Security Consultancy and a FdA in Protective Security Management, amongst other relevant qualifications.

Tremaine also has experience within the education and skills sector assisting in writing the National Occupational Standards for Close Protection with Bucks New University. This accolade of experience and qualifications enables Tremaine to author and develop unique modern courses in personal security, conflict resolution & situational awareness e-learning courses.

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