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Knife Awareness Course (The EDGE)

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About this course

Trisat has designed a scientific knife awareness course to manage the current plight of knife crime in the UK. The threats to individuals and employees are increasing. For employees, the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 – Regulation 8 (2) (Procedures for Serious or Imminent Danger and for Dangerous Areas) stipulate that the employer will, so far as is practicable, require any persons at work who are exposed to serious and imminent danger to be informed of the nature of the hazard and of the protective steps taken or to be taken to protect them from it.

According to the House of Commons paper on knife crime, in the year ending March 2018, there were around 40,100 (selected) offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales. The BBC research report on knife crime details that there were 285 killings by a knife or sharp instrument in the 12 months ending March 2018.

“The Trisat scientific Edged Weapons, Desensitise, Guided, Environments and Defence (E.D.G.E) program, prepares individuals for the ever increasing risks from knife (edged weapons) threats or attacks in our modern society”

This one day knife awareness course has been designed for anyone that considers knife threats (edged weapons) a risk they may face. The course is not gender, age or physical prowess biased and people from all walks of life and professions can learn simple effective strategies to manage a potential situation.

The scientific conceptual approach starts by identifying the realistic threats, as Trisat believes in that unless you can identify the threat how can you protect against it. You will then learn informed situational awareness and avoidance strategies. If avoidance is not possible we will provide conceptual defence methods that you will pressure test realistically and instinctively to create a positive mental blueprint. Lastly the course will cover emergency first aid to better manage knife wounds on your self or others.

The aim of the knife awareness course

The knife awareness course is to provide legal, moral and ethical awareness and practical skills and knife defence concepts to protect yourself and others from knife crime, as well as treat life threatening injuries caused by edged weapons. This one day holistic but realistic program is aimed at individuals or employees. Delegates will be able to:

“Understand the threat and associated risks of knife crime, become consciously competent in the awareness and immediate action drills to manage ones personal safety”

Course Accreditation

This course is a Trisat accredited course that follows a Level 2 competency level format. Each student will be provided with a Trisat certificate and coveted E.D.G.E Awareness Patch. You can also adopt to take the Qualsafe (CitizenAID-RQF) certificate.

knife awareness  

The knife awareness course contents

The course will be made up of tutor led discussions, demonstrations and scenario replication (role play), to emphasise the importance of avoidance and awareness to edged weapons as well as knife defence concepts. The content is as follows:

  • The New E.D.G.E. Awareness Program
  • Situational Awareness and Observation Skills of Edged Weapons
  • Today’s Most Common Attacks and Threats from Edged Weapons
  • Knife Fight or Flight Strategies
  • E.D.G.E. Defensive Concepts
  • Self Triage and Emergency First aid (citizenAID)
  • The Legal Triangle and Law in relation to Edged Weapons

Jaguar Landrover conflict management

Very professional approach with a motivational instruction manner. We enjoyed learning new skills to increase confidence within our job specific roles.

M. James
Liberty Mutual via Finbarr Solutions

Cosmote Greece – Conflict resolution

The course was very good and has improved my instructional ability. I am looking forward to joining Tremaine in Bonn, Germany to present at the DT Information Security gathering.

Cosmote – Greece
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