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About this product

This is the first wearable ballistic first-aid kit that protects against shootings, stabbings, and shrapnel from blasts. Designed by British soldiers following operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, it’s the first ballistic protection of its kind, enabling civilian first responders to treat casualties during a major incident with more confidence.

This revolutionary first aid system can be customised according to individual or organisational needs, but typically includes the following.

  • Personal respirator for self-rescue during emergencies involving hazardous smoke and fumes. It provides short-term protection against toxic gases and particles including HCl, SO2, NO2, C6H12 and tear gas (CS).
  • VizShock personal attack alarm system. The best self-defence device currently available, its multi-frequency red and blue pulse allows you to pause and deter your assailant, buying time to think and react appropriately while attracting much-needed attention. Includes an optional emergency siren.
  • Medium BS8599-1 first aid kit for high-risk workplaces such as engineering, processing, warehousing, construction and manufacturing environments with up to 25 employees.
  • Catastrophic trauma kit. A holistic and effective system to stop lethal bleeds in an emergency. The equipment, honed from military experience on the battlefield, includes improvised and optimised items to enable treatment to more casualties.

BLAID+ comes with a free e-learning course for up to 12 people that demonstrates how to use the ballistic bag and all of the equipment inside. Bespoke, accredited first aid courses are also available, along with our half-day RQF Level 2 CitizenAID  training that empowers members of the public to take immediate action and save lives when there are multiple casualties.

Benefits of B.L.AID+

The following benefits apply:

  • Manufactured in Germany with our NATO Support and Procurement Agency-licensed partner W. L. Gore;
  • 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® ballistic and stab protection;
  • 100% MicrAgard™ PLUS material;
  • Complies with NIJ0101.04/IIIA, STANAG 2920 V50.580m/s and KR2/SP2 knife and spike protection standards;
  • Complies with medium workplace BS8599-1 first aid kit requirements;
  • Suitable for offices, schools, shops, pubs, entertainment venues and anywhere else where people gather;
  • Ideal for first responders, corporate first aiders, security personnel, public facing lone workers, aid workers, journalists and anyone travelling to volatile areas;
  • Tailor-made to individual specifications and can be purchased empty if required.

Product #1

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