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To provide employees with the skills necessary in managing difficult and somewhat aggressive behaviour whilst at work. The ICE Plc currency exchange service identified the need to train its staff in conflict resolution under the duty of care to employees as well as provide guided relevant situational awareness training that will minamise security risks facing employees. The recommendation was to combine certain modules to formulate a duty of care system that was originally planned for 3 days and condense into 1 day but still maintain the integrity of the course.

Client: ICE Plc
Category: Financial Sector
Satisfaction: 99%


“Far more informative than the previous course. The course was well presented and excellent communication from the instructor. The course really made me think about situations in and out of work.”

Course 032018

Employees Trained:


Topic Area:

Situational Awareness, Conflict
Resolution & Breakaway Concepts

Legal Requirement:

Duty of Care


Over the time of delivery, not only was it a successful package but it also saved the training budget by cutting down on additional expenses that would have been incurred over 3 days training. The 1-day course became so popular that it became oversubscribed very quickly. The refresher programmes are being discussed for next year and TRISAT are looking forward to delivering another year of quality training.

“How can you protect against a threat if you are unable to identify it? – TRISAT will guide and help you”.




  • +44 (0) 333 577 0899
  • Beacon Park Innovation Centre, Gorleston, Norfolk, NR31 7RA
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