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Situational Awareness E-learning (ISA-E)

InstructorT. Kent
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With the increase of terrorist and criminal activities across the UK and rest of the world affecting business. Similarly, there has never been a more demanding need to become situationally aware whilst at work or travelling. Therefore, the Health and Safety executive (HSE) defines situational awareness as:

Situational awareness is a learned skill of developing your attention levels, of perceptive profiling of people, environmental elements and events within a specific time and space, in order to make informed decisions in a short space of time“.

This programme utilises behavioural scientific universal truths. Coined from the ideas and research surrounding modern theories such as the British Military, US Military and other academic research. This provides the foundation of all of our workplace violence prevention training.

“Unless you can identify the threat – how can you protect against it”.

Course Features

  • Duration: 38 Mins
  • Skill Level: Basic
  • Language: English
  • Mobile Ready: Yes
  • Certification: Trisat
  • Test or Exam: Yes

T. Kent

About Instructor

Tremaine Kent has managed various aspects of security from high risk environments through to complicated technical projects, including from a military and corporate perspective. Tremaine has served with various specialist units within the military and has carried this experience through to Trisat. Tremaine is a member of the Security Institute and holds a BSc in Security Consultancy and a FdA in Protective Security Management, amongst other relevant qualifications. Tremaine also has experience within the education and skills sector assisting in writing the National Occupational Standards for Close Protection with Bucks New University. This accolade of experience and qualifications enables Tremaine to author and develop unique modern courses.

  • Module 1
    What is Situational Awareness
    3 mins
  • Module 2
    Alertness levels & colour coding
    5 mins
  • Module 3
    Creating a security culture at work and at home
    5 mins
  • Module 4
    Observation concepts and how to effectively observe
    5 mins
  • Module 5
    How to create a baseline or starting point
    5 mins
  • Module 6
    Understand how the mind navigates the body
    5 mins
  • Module 7
    Reading body language to discover what stands out
    8 mins
  • Module 8
    How to make realistic and appropriate decisions
    2 mins


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